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Start Now for Big Energy Savings in 2018 – Part 2 (Low Hanging Fruit)

In Part 1 of “Start Now for Big Energy Savings in 2018” we talked about understanding your energy bills, tracking use and cost, and having some form of accountability for what your company is trying to accomplish in regards to your energy saving goals for the year. These are great things to understand and implement so you can start building your sustainable energy savings program but the really fun is saving the energy and thus saving money.

Start Now for Big Energy Savings in 2018 -Part 1

Most of us try to get back to the basics, the “block and tackle”, when the new year roles around like trying to eat healthier, lose weight, get organized, and spend more time with the ones we love. We also do this in our businesses by trying to – stick to the budget, make more sales, increase profits, hire great people to work with.

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